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We're building power for deep structural change

Meet the Team

Deep structural change requires pragmatic and practicable solutions. We believe in the strength of (re-)building relationships within and across our struggling societies and regions. Join us!

We are located in Berlin, Cologne, Málaga, and Belfast, and are experienced with building communities of changemakers in the virtual space. Meet us from wherever you are!

Our Structure

Our Global Moment is a collective of political activists and as such, discussing political concepts, organising campaigns and building networks. We have over 20 leaders working in a variety of European countries, and hundreds of volunteers and supporters.


As an informal non-profit, our funding comes solely from contributions from our grassroots base. You can help us with the vital resources we need to continue our campaigns here.

Our Focus

A Global Green New Deal, International Public Healthcare System, and Global Minimum Wage could reshape the global economy, transforming the world into one more equitable, inclusive, and just. But unless these global campaigns are met by an organised global grassroots movement, they won't be achievable.


We're designing Europe-wide campaigns that will focus on winning progressive reforms within the European Union, as well as creating a platform for long-term global collaboration on climate change, far-right activism, and inequality.

Our campaigns are designed
to resonate with people at the grassroots level, be scalable to the national level, and be coordinated globally to affect a massive political change. 

Our Approach

For us, Political Organising is more than just mobilising voters for elections, planning events, demonstrating, and signing petitions.

 It is about building power for deep structural change. 

We're training and connecting organisers across Europe, and building campaigns that can become movements. These coordinated transnational movements will:


  • Bring everyday people into politics

  • Have strong cores that keep people engaged

  • Be built on long-term strategic plans

  • Contribute to a healthy progressive ecosystem

  • Encourage cooperation and empowerment

  • Promote the development of grassroots leaders

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