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Campaign 2021 - Fighting for a Global Green New Deal

Campaign Overview

We’re building the power for a Global Green New Deal - a set of international policies designed to halt both climate change and inequality, in a way which also tackles other systemic issues, such as nationalism, racism, and sexism.

The European Green Deal provides us with a good platform with which to start building power. There is already widespread political, academic, and public support for an economic ‘Just Transition’, it just needs to be more ambitious.


Political Demands

We want:

To introduce a resolution in the EU parliament which legislates for the creation of an EU-wide Green Public Works program ('greening' energy, agriculture, and transport built infrastructure) with sufficient funding to guarantee 'Green Jobs' as part of the EU Just Transition framework.  

To introduce a resolution in the EU parliament which legislates for the creation of a powerful body which encourages and regulates global cooperation on green investment, ensuring a Global Just Transition.

Getting Involved 

To achieve our demands we're building people-power at the municipal, regional, and national levels. 

We currently have campaign bases in seven European countries, and we'll be expanding into more in January and February 2021.

We need people to get involved in a range of capacities, including:

Campaign Base Leaders - Helping organise your local campaign base
Organisers - Building powerful relationships with campaigners

Researchers - Working in a team to understand where political power lies in your city, region, or country
Canvassers - Talking to friends, family, and members of the public about our campaign


We have a range or roles at varying levels of commitment. Get in contact to find out how you can contribute!

We offer training and support for all roles, so even if you've never been involved in political campaigning before, this is your opportunity to be part of something transformative.

Get involved here


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