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Organising to Win

Political Organising is more than just mobilising voters, planning events, demonstrating, and signing petitions.


It is about building power for deep structural change.

If we want to build real power - the kind of power that eliminates inequality, halts climate change, and eliminates the threat of far-right extremism - then we have to organise for the long-term, which means transforming our relationships.


Our training sessions are built around four primary components:

Organising Ourselves; Organising Others; Understanding Capitalism; Leveraging Power.


Developing the confidence to lead and inspire others


Building powerful relationships with others in order to effect political change


Making sense of of global society in order to change it


Creating campaigns that restructure society

Global Organising Webinar (Online)

We run a monthly introductory webinar, where we introduce fundamental organising concepts such as Power, Self-Interest, Deep Relationships, Movement Culture, and Campaigning basics. We also look at the fundamentals of Capitalism and the Global Economy.

The webinar is open to all organisers and activists regardless of experience.

Our next session takes place on Saturday 1st August (13h - 16h Central European Time). You can register here.

Our course takes place online, over Zoom.

Our courses are free, although we have suggested donation amounts. You can find out more about donating here.


A Global Green New Deal, International Public Healthcare System, and Global Minimum Wage could reshape the global economy, transforming the world into one more equitable, inclusive, and just. But unless these global campaigns are met by an organised grassroots movement, they won't be achievable.


We're designing Europe-wide campaigns that will focus on winning progressive reforms within the European Union, as well as creating a platform for long-term global collaboration on climate change, the global pandemic, and the economy.

Our campaigns will be designed
to resonate with people at the grassroots level, be scalable to the national level, and be coordinated globally to affect a massive political change. 

Our Approach

For us, Political Organising is more than just mobilising voters for elections, planning events, demonstrating, and signing petitions.

 It is about building power for deep structural change. 

We're training and connecting organisers across Europe, and building campaigns that can become movements. These coordinated transnational movements will:

  • Bring everyday people into politics

  • Have strong cores that keep people engaged

  • Be built on long-term strategic plans

  • Contribute to a healthy progressive ecosystem

  • Encourage cooperation and empowerment

  • Promote the development of grassroots leaders


Modern political institutions have proved resistant to the kind of large-scale progressive change that would be required to turn our society into one that is truly just and equitable for all.

In response, we have seen a huge increase in progressive initiatives in the forms of community unions, grassroots campaigns, community organisations, radical non-profits, and movements. Powerful new organisations and campaigns appear every day.

These initiatives have opened up a space within which public-driven change can happen, but they can often find it difficult to connect to the wider public, coordinate effectively with other organisations, and be organised effectively enough to retain and develop members.


If we are to change the world, we will need coordinated transnational movements that bring everyday people into politics, have strong cores that keeps people active within the movements, and have long-term strategic plans. We will need movements that keep the progressive campaign ecosystem healthy, and encourage cooperation and empowerment. We will need movements which promote the development of others as leaders.

We are here to help support those movements.

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