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Building Grassroots Power

Our Global Moment is an international collective of progressive organisers, campaigners, and strategists. We are based in Europe, but have members in a number of different countries around the world. Our mission is to support global organisers by training them in the skills they'll need to run effective transnational political campaigns.

We support organisers in three main ways:

By providing training in political education, practical organising skills, and leadership development.

By providing online infrastructure for collaboration and support.

By providing strategic support for combined transnational campaigns.

Transformative Organising

The global struggles that we face today require much more than just mobilisation in numbers - they require us to be focused, deliberate, and strategic in our actions.


We provide a space in which progressive campaigners can develop their organising toolkit, coordinate meaningfully with others, and leverage their collective power for long-term structural political change.

If we apply ourselves to the task, we can transform the world.

Our moment is

Our moment is


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